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oh i just can't wait to be kingggg.

So how is everybody's Spring Break going?! I hope it's as wonderful for y'all as it is for me! Which sounds kind of snooty, but it isn't meant to be that way! I guess that's the downside of the internet.

Sterling and I have been traveling down to Tennessee, we've almost crashed three times, but we're still alive!  I'm just super excited to get home and see my parents. That's my favorite part of break, I think.

But on a completely random topic, Sterling and I have passed about ten amusement parks, and it's really making me want to stop and go. I haven't been in a theme park, let alone on a roller coaster in probably four years, which is so unacceptable! So, what's your favorite theme park? Is it the obvious Disney World or Disney Land? I don't blame you if it is! Disney is tied for my number one spot.

But I'd have to say either Disney or Dollywood. They're both amazing, Dollywood is a little more personal for myself, I suppose? Plus it's really fun and I've actually ran into Dolly Parton there, TWICE. Which is exciting for me, even if not for yourselves. So tell me your favorite park and ride or whatever!

What do you say, shall we stop?!
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